Portable Beauty Instrument Remove Acne Speckle Whitening

  • Brand: BIOPHILIA
  • Product Code: Portable Beauty Instrument
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Tags: Portable Beauty Instrument, Remove Acne, Speckle Whitening

Product Description
  Battery capacity   Built-in lithium battery 1200mAh
  Near-infrared light   850nm, 6 chips
  Red light   630nm, 10 chips
  Blue light   450nm, 10 chips
  Power Intensity   10mW/cm²
  Case Material   ABS
  Lens Material   Tempered glass
  Time setting   Blue light start from 2 minutes
  Red and NIR Light start from 10 minutes
  Battery charger   USB type C connection port, American/ European plug.
  1.5 hours on a full charge, duration time 4 hours.
  Function buttons   1. ON/OFF: Controlling the Start/ shutdown/Pause situation separately
  2.Mode: Switch Blue light into Red and NIR light working.
  Display   LED screen

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