Diabetes portable equipment Wrist Type LLLT nasal polyps Therapy Equipment Laser watch

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Product parameters
item Description
Laser wavelength 650nm
Laser output power 5mw
Terminate laser medium quantity 11pcs
Timing range 10~60min, six grades for adjustment
Environment temperature 5°C~4O°C
Relative humidity 80%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa-lO6kpa
Power source use Lithium battery with the capacity 1900m Ah.
Output frequency_under Pulse mode 0.5sec


How to use
Wear it on your wrist or use an external laser device.

Human Mechanics Design
Laser nose clips, wrist straps, and wrist laser positioning are ergonomically designed for greater comfort.

Multi-integrated Irradiation


Double veins and multiple points, five-in-one radiation therapy.

Pain Relief Laser Pad
>> Place the pain position to relieve pain and inflammation.

Super Lithium Battery

1900mA high-capacity lithium battery, no need to charge frequently.

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