Bioresonance And Hunter 4025 NLS Health analyzer

Bio-resonance is interaction between a living organism and its frequency patterns that surround or resonate as the result of the organisms movements...

New System-Biophilia Intruder

Biophilia Intruder health analyzer is based on the findings in quantum physics. Traditional scientific methods are therefore not suitable to provide evidence for its effectiveness....

The most advanced information technologies

The hardware-software system “METATRON 4025 hunter” developed at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics enables a production of a present bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, with this activity as a background it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals hardly detectable against the statistical fluctuations, and then isolate and decode the information they contain. 

Advantages of the Biophilia Tracker Approach in BC Diagnosis

The advantages of the Biophilia Tracker are: direct visualization of the bone marrow and the possibility to visualize its tumor infiltration before any skeletal alterations appear. Other considerable advantages of the Biophilia Tracker approach are: usability and fast inspection. The latest technological achievements in this field have led to the creation of special modes of 3D visualization (4D organization, depth vision, fast vision) that provide excellent image quality.

Diagnosis of Circulatory Encephalopathy and Metatron 4025 Hunter

The diagnosis of DE should be complex and include methods of neural visualization, of which we believe one of the most informative and prospective methods is NLS imaging with REA. Detection and assessment of nested and diffuse NLS changes in brain tissue in the context of clinical and subclinical neurological and neuropsychological data for early diagnosis of progressive forms of DE and targeted aggressive treatment to prevent further brain injury creating condition.

Hunter 4025 NLS Can Help Us Away From The Disease

The Hunter 4025 NLS employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the body's natural recovery to health. This device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level...

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